Healing Self-Sabotage

“Overwhelmed with attachment issues that stemmed from my childhood, I stumbled upon Ariana’s page on Instagram while desperately searching for ways to get better. Going through the Mental Emotional Release® process with Ariana has not only helped me completely let go of past baggage, I have also started adopting a new outlook on life and the problems that come my way. MER has truly helped turn my life around!”

Eliora Cen

“This program has been a truly great one. It has truly helped me to see past all the negative things and thoughts that would blind me to react and be better for myself. This program has helped me learn to love myself more and be patient and positive. The program not only helps you love yourself but is constantly giving you tools for a better life. It shows you how to use these amazing tools that will help anyone shift their self sabotage.”

Karla Arroyo

Alisha Johnson

“Ariana has helped my growth in my spiritual journey substantially through her self sabotaging program. After doing the much needed release work, I felt an instantaneous feeling of relief. I’m 6 weeks in the program and already see so much progress in my healing journey. I’ve implemented healthy new strategies and have been rewiring my subconscious in order to shift my mindset in a positive direction. I couldn’t have come this far this quickly had it not been for the support of Ariana, this group, and the resources/tools provided through this program. I’m feeling much more at peace, confident, happy, and as though I got my spark back. I’m forever grateful for this program and the positive impact it has on my life. I highly recommend this program to anyone that self sabotages, I felt like I was stuck and lost for so long. I tried counseling and a wide array of things to overcome these unhealthy patterns, but needed the guidance to rewire my subconscious so that’s exactly what this program has been fulfilling my desire to finally break free!”

Alisha Johnson

“Ariana has been such an amazing coach! She has helped me conquer so much with her healing self-sabotage program. When I started the program I was at my worst and now I have never felt more confident. If it wasn’t for her I would still be stuck in a place where I couldn’t pull myself out because I would be lacking the resources that Ariana has given me. I appreciate her so much. 10/10 recommend starting her program, I don’t know where I would be without it and her. She’s amazing.”

Sierra Nelson

I’ve spent years doing counseling trying so desperately to “fix my mind” having struggled with OCD and anxiety along with self sabotaging thoughts from an early age.

I wasn’t really getting anywhere until I happened to come across a link to Ariana’s Instagram titled healing self sabotage.

I was so pleased and excited that I had finally found someone who specialised and had experience in this area and more importantly, that I wasn’t alone in what I was going through.

The program has been amazing. The framework and tools are specifically designed to help you understand the reasons for your thought patterns. It also goes further in arming you with techniques in order to process your thought patterns thus enabling you to stop any sabotaging behaviour you would normally take.

You are also not alone as you are able to communicate and share experiences with those who have similar issues to you.

Ariana is incredible, she is able to pick up very quickly what you are thinking and help you with any problem this is because she has been through the same thing herself.

She is a true inspiration as she has overcome her self sabotaging ways and utilised her knowledge to help others.

I would highly recommend Ariana and the Break free Program.

Nicola Hicks

I had been struggling with a lot of low self-esteem, trauma and sabotage. I was taking some counseling only to realize that it was not working in any ways and I was wasting money. I happened to come across Ariana Cuan’s Instagram page and kind of resonated with her content well. Hence, I approached her to learn more about the program and in no time, I enrolled for her 12-week program. 

It has been a very rewarding journey for me and I feel quite confident and composed after this program. I loved every aspect of it and it is absolutely worth it if looking out for long term results. With dedication and measurable goals in mind, I feel anyone can make a shift in their mindset if they follow this program sincerely. I feel blessed!! Thank you and much love to Ariana

Foram Marfatia

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