Teresa Rivera

“Before the program, I knew what I wanted to do but I had no idea how to get there and the fear and anxiety was taking over. Now the fear and anxiety is gone and I’m able to pursue my goals and have the actual steps to get there.” Teresa Rivera

Laura Baines

This course presented itself to me at a time when i had started to recognise some self sabotage behaviours and was wanting to understand in more detail the how/why behind them. I knew i procattinated a lot but through the course learnt a lot about my limiting beliefs, triggers antl amplifiers and to start to […]

Loice Cece Jobando

Before the program I knew that I was self-sabotaging but I didn’t know how I could possibly break that cycle. Niter the 6 week program , self-awareness increased and I identified my self-sabotage triggers. This has helped me make better decisions in , life antl helped me reduce procrastination antl set better boundaries with people. […]

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