“Ariana has helped my growth in my spiritual journey substantially through her self sabotaging program. After doing the much needed release work, I felt an instantaneous feeling of relief. I’m 6 weeks in the program and already see so much progress in my healing journey. I’ve implemented healthy new strategies and have been rewiring my subconscious in order to shift my mindset in a positive direction. I couldn’t have come this far this quickly had it not been for the support of Ariana, this group, and the resources/tools provided through this program. I’m feeling much more at peace, confident, happy, and as though I got my spark back. I’m forever grateful for this program and the positive impact it has on my life. I highly recommend this program to anyone that self sabotages, I felt like I was stuck and lost for so long. I tried counseling and a wide array of things to overcome these unhealthy patterns, but needed the guidance to rewire my subconscious so that’s exactly what this program has been fulfilling my desire to finally break free!”

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